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In this video taken by a Greenpeace activist, it shows the end of the life of a beautiful Sumatra tiger which gets killed by a trap set in the forest within the concessions given to the paper producer Asia Pulp and Paper.

This young male is among the last 400 Sumatra tigers still living in the island and because of deforestation they are pushed closer and closer to human settlements. Every year in the Riau province over 600 square miles of forest are destroyed to produce paper pulp.

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According to researchers, there is an interest in using increasing human material in animal experiments.  A group of UK scientists has taken a proactive role in warning the government about future attempts to veer research towards:

“…three types of experiments that might soon become possible and would cause particular concern: modifying animal brains to mirror human “cerebral function”; fertilising human eggs or sperm in an animal; or endowing animals with characteristics perceived as uniquely human such as facial shape, skin texture or speech.”

In addition, another field of concern is one regarding making animals sound more like humans.

I, for one, would prefer to see some humans behave more like animals.

Scientists warn over apeing humans – FT.com.

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I agree, as a consumer now I receive so many offers from everyone, the latest being Amazon.  As much as I love to have a wide selection of deals available to me, lately, the deals don’t seem that great and I am getting tired of opening all the emails…  In a nutshell, the novelty wore off and everybody offers deals in a down economy.

I think there are a couple of things the industry needs to look at: diversify geographically so that even the smaller areas get their deals, find an alternative way to communicate deals besides emails and social networks…

Good Luck!

Ex-LivingSocial Sales Guy: “There’s Going To Be An Implosion And A Major Shakeout In The Industry”.

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A system  called TWEETOLIFE, created by researchers from the University of Trento allows to know whether  a word is used more by men or women.


Checking on Twitter, the word WAR was used by 64% of men and 36% of women while the opposite was true for the word LOVE.  Il sesso di Twitter – Wired.it.

In the end, this type of Artificial Intelligence tool will be used to analyze the differences in behavior between men and women.  Not that we needed a tool to understand that there are some fundamental differences between the genders: have you ever seen little boys when they meet each other?  Often they greet each other with a bump or a push or a little punch… girls?  They usually say “Hi” and smile.

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